Red Deer is the third largest city in Alberta, and centrally located in the province halfway between Edmonton and Calgary. In recent years, Red Deer has increased in population by as much as 33 percent. So why do residents of Red Deer love their city so much? Read on to learn what makes Red Deer such a great place, especially as a home for seniors.


Red Deer is one of few places that experiences a true four seasons, and with each season comes a new fun activity to take part in.


Red Deer features easy access to every part of the city and surrounding areas. Most neighbourhoods are only a maximum of fifteen minutes from downtown. Additionally, because of it’s location within the province, Red Deer provides easy access to both Calgary and Edmonton.


Unlike many other cities, Red Deer is a genuinely friendly place. Even though it is home to over 100, 000 residents, visitors and newcomers tend to be amazed at how friendly everyone is. For seniors looking for a close-knit community feeling, Red Deer is the person home base.


Red Deer features wonderfully affordable real estate, and a very strong economy. Homes in Red Deer tend to be very affordable, even in great neighbourhoods.

Overall, Red Deer citizens believe that their city is a great place to live – for seniors and young people alike. Featuring a wonderfully friendly community, and lots of activities to take part in no matter what the season, Red Deer is growing quickly.