Keeping our senior population safe during the covid-19 pandemic has been a top priority. Because of the heightened risk to older individuals, lockdown measures around retirement communities have been incredibly stringent. On the other hand, isolation and mental health issues can be just as scary as the pandemic itself. For this reason,  a good Covid-19 Response Plan involves a balancing act between following social distancing guidelines and ensuring nobody feels isolated.

To help share residents’ experiences, we have started a new interview series called “Cozy Corner.” This series will allow our residents to share—and it gives our online family a chance to see what life is like in Deer Park during the pandemic. The first instalment of “Cozy Corner” features two of our Wonderful Residents from Deer Park, Lorraine and Millie.

On the whole, Lorraine and Millie agree that Deer Park has been a wonderful place to be during the pandemic. “We didn’t have to stop doing much of anything that we had been doing; we followed the guidelines and kept up with all activities,”  Millie reported, “And I never felt lonely—I could always talk to somebody—and I feel safe; I’ve always felt safe here.”

At one point, the ladies are asked, “what do you enjoy most about the activities?”

—”The variety! ” they said in unison with a laugh. Among a few of the favourite activities they list are crib tournaments, bingo, games like left/center/right, and horse-racing. “And the staff here have invented new and different things, like the murder mystery,” Millie added. Besides an ever-growing list of activities, the women comment that the frequency of activities has been increased to make sure everybody can participate.

“We still eat together and socialize,” and “in the summertime, we still had music outside; you can call it home,” commented Lorraine, and Milly agreed. We here at the Hamlets would be inclined to agree as well—and do everything we can to ensure that all our residents feel the same.

The Hamlets at Deer Park is an independent-living senior village in Red Deer, Alberta. With a warm and caring atmosphere based on tenets of Christianity, generous amenities, and a calendar full of activities, The Hamlets at Deer Park is the go-to independent-living community of central Alberta.

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