An independent-living community for seniors and a senior apartment may sound like the same thing, but they are not. We’re going to go over with you what some of those differences are.


Senior apartments are just that. They are apartments that have an age restriction in place. Only those over a certain age can live in that specific building or group of buildings. There are not, necessarily, however, other features that add to a sense of community.

An independent-living community is designed more around the community aspects than anything age-related. The idea is to create a world that is perfectly suited for seniors, so that those who are entirely independent may continue to live that way, but there are supports in place to help with things like a common dining room where meals may be eaten with other residents, organized activities that will interest the resident population, and help with transportation for errands or shopping.


An independent-living community will be staffed around the clock, so that there are supportive professionals available if a senior needs help with something. The idea behind independent-living communities is that when independent living becomes more difficult, there is always help available to attend to the needs of the residents.

Great independent-living senior communities like ours in Red Deer, Alberta, will also have other amenities to make one’s life easier: things like a hair salon on the premises and laundry help available.

There are some big differences between an independent-living community designed for seniors and a senior apartment. If you come and see us in Red Deer, you can see first hand what some of those differences are.

The Hamlets at Deer Park is an independent-living senior village in Red Deer, Alberta. With a warm and caring atmosphere based on tenets of Christianity, generous amenities, and a calendar full of activities, The Hamlets at Deer Park is the go-to independent-living community of central Alberta.

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