There are many perks that senior living in Red Deer provides for seniors. One great senior perk for the senior retirement community are the various senior discounts that many local businesses and organizations offer. With the Holiday season on its way, here are some of the top places to take advantage of your seniors discount.

Shoppers Drug Mart

Shoppers Drug Mart offers a 20% discount on most items in store for seniors. This discount is available on Thursdays, and although it excludes a few things such as prescriptions, there is a wide variety of products that qualify. Whether you want to pick up some Christmas chocolates, or buy a gift for family or friends, make sure to take advantage of this generous discount this Holiday season.

Various Food Options

A number of local restaurants around Red Deer offer a seniors discount or special seniors menu. Although the food in the Hamlets Deer Park dining room is excellent, there are times when heading out for a different experience is enjoyable. A family breakfast at iHop or Dennys, or a relaxed dinner at White Spot are perfect excuses this holiday season to make use of that seniors discount.

Hudson’s Bay

Another top place that offers a generous seniors discount is The Bay. This giant retailer offers seniors a discount of 15% on the first Tuesday of each month. The Bay is a great place to get some Christmas shopping done, or even pikck up something new for yourself this holiday season. With the wide variety offered at The Bay, you are sure to find something for someone on your list.

These are just a few of the top places that offer great seniors discount. This holiday season, wherever you end up, make sure you ask what perks are offered for seniors.