Believe it or not, if you are a senior and you have children, your children worry about you. Those of us with children spend our lives worrying about our children, and we may be surprised to learn that our children also worry about us. In this blog article, we are going to take a look at some top concerns that children have about aging parents.


Children worry about their parents’ health. Some seniors are reluctant to go to the doctor because of some generalized anxiety, and this drives your kids crazy. Whatever your habits are, rest assured that your children are eyeing them closely. If you need to see your family doctor, then go! If you are prescribed medication, then take it as instructed. Pay attention to your health, because your children will be watching.


Sometimes seniors don’t feel much like cooking because they are not very hungry. But eating well is important for your health. Seniors need a balanced diet with enough calories, protein, trace minerals, and enough water to drink. Let your children know that you care about your diet, and are continuing to pay attention to it.


Children worry about whether aging parents have enough money to last until the ends of their lives. Not all families speak openly about financial topics, but parents would ease the concerns of children if they would talk about money. Let your children know that you are okay (or not okay), and how you intend to manage your affairs.


Another issue is whether aging parents who have already retired are bored or lonely. Your kids want to see you active. They want to know that you have social stimulation and are keeping your brain active. One way to combat boredom and loneliness is to live in senior community like ours in Red Deer, where lots of activities are organized for you, and you are surrounded with like-minded individuals.

Humans are social animals, and we are designed to be with others. Friends and acquaintances keep our minds and bodies active and help us to be our best selves as we age. Talk to you children about concerns that they may have, and consider being in a senior environment where you can be with others who are just like you.


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