When you are looking at senior independent-living communities, what is important to one person may be less important to someone else. Nevertheless, there are some things that are important to everyone—or should be.

Here are the top four amenities that we think you should look for in a senior independent-living community.


You want to make sure that there is a full calendar of activities for the residents. These are activities that inspire you, entertain you, and keep you occupied. Activities also help you to socialize with others which is also important. Even in the age of COVID-19, there should still be activities.

Activities planned should be healthy, interesting, appropriate, engaging, and well organized, which brings us to our next point. In order to have these activities, you need staff to run them.


You will want enough staff to do what is needed, like the organizing of activities mentioned above. Staff should be well-trained, pleasant, and there should be some staff available or on-call 24 hours per day, and seven days per week. Be sure to ask about that. If you need help, who do you call?


See what kind of transportation is available for shopping or to activities. There will likely be different shuttle services to local stores, and that’s important if you don’t want to drive or the weather is bad. Find out when transportation is available and what kind it is.


Is there an experienced and fully qualified chef preparing meals? Eat there or at least look at what others are eating. You will likely be eating one or more meals together with others every day. See if the food looks attractive and well prepared. Look at a menu. There should be a variety of foods during the week, and everything will have to meet high standards for nutrition.

There will obviously be other things that someone will deem important, and plenty of other details that are specific to each person. But these are the top four amenities that we think are important and that we put a lot of time and energy into preparing for our residents.


The Hamlets at Deer Park is an independent-living senior village in Red Deer, Alberta. With a warm and caring atmosphere based on tenets of Christianity, generous amenities, and a calendar full of activities, The Hamlets at Deer Park is the go-to independent-living community of central Alberta.

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