If you are considering moving into a seniors residence in Red Deer, one frightening prospect you may be tasked with is the thought of downsizing. The following tips and suggestions may help to ease this process and make this task more manageable.

Get Help
The first and most important suggestion is to get help. It can be a massive undertaking to sort through your entire home, and many hands make light work. Find friends or family who are willing to come out and support you.

Get Organized
The next tip is to get organized. Create specific spaces or areas for each destination for items that there might be. For example, you may have an area dedicated to “things I am keeping”, an area for “items to be donated”, another space for “items to sell” and finally a space for items that will end up being disposed of.

Get Rid of Excess
You are downsizing, and probably do not need three or four bedroom sets still. Decide how much space your new place will have, and base what you keep off of that. If you are moving into a seniors community in Red Deer, you might only have a single suite. If this is the case, then it makes the decision to give away or sell the remaining bedroom sets easy. Keep this mentality for each room you go through.

One Room at a Time
Speaking of each room, you may want to tackle this task room by room. Not only does this help to keep you organized, but it allows you to keep track of what your help is doing, and give instruction for each item as to where it should end up. This will make the chore easier for everyone.

These tips are just the tip of the iceberg. Downsizing is never easy for anyone, especially if you have lived for decades in your current arrangement and amassed many things. The key is to keep a positive attitude, and try to focus on the feeling of being free once the task is finished.