One amazing benefit of modern technology is the sheer number of apps that are now available that not only help seniors be more independent, but increase their quality of life. Here are some of the more popular apps that can help seniors in an independent living community in Red Deer.


This popular app helps seniors to organize and keep track of their important medical information. This includes medications, allergies, and appointment times. Information can be put into the app, and it can be setup to provide notifications and reminders of these important things. Best of all, this app is free to download.

Pill and Medication Reminder

This app is an alternate option for keeping track of medications for seniors. This app gives a list of current medications and gives reminders on when to take each. This app also looks for drug interactions and can alert you to any issues, allowing you to share and discuss this concern with your doctor.

Red Panic Button

Another great app that has given seniors more independence, Red Panic Button is simple, but could be life-saving. This app is simply a Red Panic Button that can be pushed in the case of an emergency. This app then sends out a message to a list of people that help is needed. This message even includes the current address of where the button has been pressed from!

There is almost a countless number of apps that can also make life more enjoyable for today’s independent senior. This includes social apps, puzzle games, and even entertainment and informational apps. There has never been a better time for independent living in Red Deer seniors village.