Sometimes, those of us who care for others can lose sight of taking care of ourselves. For this month’s blog article, we wanted to take some time to talk about self-care.

When your job or role is in a care-giving capacity, it is particularly important not to neglect yourself. There are some little things you can do to ground yourself and remind yourself that you, too, are important. Here are some hints on self-care for senior caregivers:

A Little Time

Don’t forget to set aside some “you” time to do things that you enjoy without interruption. This could be doing a puzzle or taking a bath or going for a walk in a park. You may want to use your special time to do several different things, like listen to a favourite podcast while walking on a treadmill.

Ideas for Self-Care

Aside from just some alone time, you may want to try mindfulness meditation, even for just a few minutes. You may want to do some kind of handicraft or needlework. Something as simple as playing a musical instrument can feel very therapeutic.

Self-care is one way to help prevent “burn-out.” We want to stress that part of being great at caring for others is being kind to yourself and looking after your own needs. It is not selfish to exercise self-care. It is a necessary part of the caregiver role.

Self-care efforts are very valuable. They help you recharge your batteries, clear your head, focus your energy, and rest. Everyone needs self-care, but especially those who spend most of their time caring for others. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, please make some time to do it regularly, because when you feel good, that is when you will also do a better job of caring for others.

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