One can have social anxiety at any age. Seniors entering a senior community may feel new anxiety or a continuation of anxiety from before. So, what can be done to overcome that anxiety?

Mindfulness Meditation

There are a few things that help reduce anxiety for everyone. One of these is mindfulness meditation which is a way to relax the mind. There are countless YouTube videos that can teach you how to do it, and it’s completely free to learn and practice. Mindfulness meditation is something that can give you a measurable reduction in anxiety when practiced just a few minutes per day.

New Routine

Most people, young and old, are happier with a routine they can count on. If your routine has been disrupted because of moving, then create a new routine. You may feel better and find your anxiety drops once you get into your new routine.


Often social anxiety is related to loneliness. A good senior community will have a long list of regular activities, and if the senior individual would try to go to some of these activities, the senior may find that these activities are fun and reduce both loneliness and anxiety.

Daily Function

If social anxiety is interfering with your daily function, then you should talk to your family doctor about it. Also, it’s a good idea to mention it to the staff at a senior community. Your doctor may recommend some kind of therapy or medication.

Anxiety Fades

The good news is that anxiety tends to fade as we age. So, even if someone in a senior community feels acute anxiety one day, this may go away on its own over time. If you can wait it out, then you will probably feel better soon.

Social anxiety can be very unpleasant, but some simple life changes and/or therapy and/or medication can help you to feel like your old self again in no time.



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