It is possible, if you move into a senior independent-living community, you will have less space in your personal living area. Of course, this will be offset by having much more space in common living areas to go with all the amenities and activities offered.

Nevertheless, here are some of our best tips on how to maximize your personal suite’s space.

Purge Before Moving

Most of us have many more belongings than we actually need. Get rid of as much as you can before you move into a senior community. You can sell things, give things away, or donate to charity. Many non-profits would be delighted to come and pick up your stuff. Think of old books, clothes you haven’t worn in years, papers you don’t need, and keepsakes that don’t do anything for you. Wouldn’t it feel good to reduce the volume of all that unneeded stuff?

Now that we live in a digital world, we don’t need to keep old bank statements for years and years, anymore. If you aren’t sure what papers you can rid of, then ask your accountant.

Wall Units

The best use of space on any wall is a wall unit. You can get inexpensive ones from several big-box stores, and you can get them shipped or delivered to your door. They are easy to put together with a minimum of (or no) tools. The big advantage of a wall unit is the use of vertical space. Just be sure to measure twice your space available before ordering something. If the wall unit doesn’t fit, you will have a headache.

Double-Duty Furniture

Try to use pieces for furniture for more than one purpose if possible. A coffee table can also be like a storage locker. A dining table can double as an office. A cabinet can be a room divider. Be creative.

Getting ready to move can feel stressful, but once you get organized and unclutter your belongings, you will be so much happier in a senior independent-living community where you can meet plenty of like-minded individuals.


The Hamlets at Deer Park is an independent-living senior village in Red Deer, Alberta. With a warm and caring atmosphere based on tenets of Christianity, generous amenities, and a calendar full of activities, The Hamlets at Deer Park is the go-to independent-living community of central Alberta.

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