Regardlless of age, stature, or place in life – change can be uncomfortable. As we get older, major changes in our life tend to be even more difficult to deal with. As we age, we tend to become less flexible and more attached to the familiar routines in our environment, as these familiar items become a source of comfort and calm. A major life event such as making the move into residential care can be a great emotional challenge for senior adults and their families. Because of this, it is important to plan ahead and work through the best way to make a smooth transition.
There are several things that can be done to help to make a smooth transition for your loved ones, and they start with doing your homework. Care providers can vary greatly, so it is important to get to know what aspects of care are important to you and your family and make sure that these key points are communicated to the facility and carers.

To help with the idea of going into a care facility, talk to your loved one about the decision. Shielding them from it will only make them feel as though you are making the decision for them. It is important that they feel involved in the change. Be open to as many discussions as they may need – and focus on the positives such as them no longer having to maintain a home, shovel snow, and other stressful situations that a seniors home will take care of for them.

Understand that emotions may run high during these big changes. Be sensitive and be there for support. It may be reassuring to help prepare the room to how they would like it before the move, to make the stress of moving less on your loved one. Creating a familiar and homelike environment is encouraged and will help with the transition.

Moving itself can often feel forced upon a loved one, such as a mother, rather than a choice. As this transition can be difficult, here are some tips on how to help your mom or other loved one adjust to independent senior living.

Find A Home That Is A Good Fit

Perhaps one of the most important things is to find an independent living community that is a good fit. Start by doing your research and looking for amenities that are well suited for your mom. Look at the calendars and see what opportunities for activities are offered. Go and visit together and talk to the staff as well as people actually living there. Visiting together and often can help to ease the anxiety behind the move and make your mom or other loved one feel more secure.

Visit Often

Once your mom has moved into an independent living community in Red Deer, you want to make sure that you continue to help support her. This is best done by continuing to visit as often as you possibly can. You never want a loved one to feel like you have pushed them out of sight, and visiting often will help them to adjust and start to see their new living place as a home.

Personalize Their Space

Of course, to also help them adjust and make it feel like home, there are some ways you can personalize their space to make it feel so. Bring in lots of photos of loved ones. If there is any special decor from their old home, this may also be a nice touch in the new home. The more you can do to make it feel familiar, the easier it will be to help them get settled.

Adjusting to an independent living community can take time, but eventually most seniors will grow to love it their. Help your mom or other loved one adjust by following this simple advice. Also, do not forget to talk to your mom and see how she is feeling, and find out ways that you can also help her overcome any reservations that she may have.

By thinking ahead, and following the advice above, your loved one can make a smooth transition into senior care residences. Though the move may be daunting, they will come to understand the importance of the decision and how it can better their life and comfort.