If you are retiring, you are probably looking forward to your retirement as your next big adventure with a long list of to-dos waiting for you. While it can be fun, retirement is a big change of pace – many people find that they can become lonely or feel like there is not enough for them to do. In one study, it was shown that older generations tend to feel more isolated and lonelier – especially once they have reached retirement.

For those who feel the need to reach out to find a new circle of friends who share their pace of life, here are some great tips to find friends within your community:

Join a Club
Find something that interests you, and join a group that shares similar interests. You will be able to bond easily with people who share your passions – plus you won’t be bored! Another great option is to try a new hobby – look into something interested that you have never tried, or just dive in head first to something completely unknown to you! This could give you a great opportunity to meet mentors and people who are passionate about sharing their interest with a newcomer.

Volunteering has a great, positive effect on both your community and yourself. Whether you are drawn to providing volunteer services to the hungry, children, or even your local animal shelter – volunteering will bring you into the social circle of people with similar ideals to yours, and it will help you feel great about your use of time!

Become a Mentor
Do you have a subject you are highly interested or educated in? Consider becoming a mentor for someone learning the subject. This can be anything from academics, to a sport! Plus, helping someone else to learn your subject helps keep you sharp as well as getting you out of the house.

When you retire it becomes increasingly important to be sure to actively participate in things outside of the home. Whether your interests lie in learning something new, or perfecting something you are already great at – expanding your social circle in these ways is great for both you and your community.

Activities for Introverted Seniors in a Senior Living Community

What about more introverted seniors? So here are some activity suggestions for introverted seniors in the independent living community in Red Deer and everywhere else.

Read or Listen to an Audiobook

Reading is a great way to exercise your brain and keep your wits about you. It is quiet, can be done alone or with others, and is easy to pick up. There are books of many genres to meet the tastes of almost anyone. Of course, audiobooks are a great option to, and can be a relaxing way to start or end a day.

Go For a Walk

Going for a walk does not need to be a social activity, and sometimes going for a walk alone gives us a chance to gather our thoughts and enjoy our surroundings. Better yet, with spring and summer on the way, go for a walk outside and enjoy that crisp, fresh Red Deer air.

Take up a Hobby

Maybe it is time to take up a hobby, or revisit an old one. Whether you enjoy drawing, writing, playing an instrument, or even tying a fly, find something that you enjoy to do. Yes, sudoku can be a hobby.

Engaging in an activity that works with your introverted personality can be a great way to help you feel more energetic, happy, and satisfied. If you need help with any of these suggestions, or ideas of your own, do not be afraid to ask your family or caregivers for help to get started.