Independent living communities are sometimes bunched into the same category as assisted living and other senior’s residences, but independent living facilities are unique in that they offer a variety of opportunities for their residents that are not often offered elsewhere.
Some of the key unique offerings of independent living facilities include the following.

Living Space
In independent living facilities, a wide array of housing arrangements is typically available to best suit the resident. In all situations, residents live in separate dwelling spaces such as apartments or suites where they can live on their own. Facilities will have a common space where they can gather with other members of the community for events. Individual units within the facility are often equipped with a full kitchen and lockable doors, essentially giving the residents an “apartment” style living situation. Being in the facility, though, gives the residents options for additional help if they need it.

Care Services
If needed or wanted, the staff at the independent living facility can make their residents’ lives easier with additional care packages. These services can include laundry, housekeeping, landscaping or gardening, meal preparation, security surveillance, and activities and event offerings. Most independent facilities do not have full-time staff dedicated to providing nursing care.

Recreation Schedules
Independent living facilities typically offer activities for recreation within their communities. Often these activities include games nights, field trips, discussion groups, holiday celebrations, exercise classes and continuing education. They will also provide transportation to and from errands such as doctor appointments and grocery shopping.

The main benefits of an independent living facility is allowing the residents their independence and privacy, while gradually adding in the options for additional care where and when it is needed. An independent living facility offers comfort and convenience, without removing independence. Residents can receive help with meals and housekeeping tasks, as well as utilize the building’s common areas for social and recreational needs.