Seniors worldwide are starting to use their retirement to pursue interests and causes they are passionate about – volunteering their time to help others during their aging years. Seniors can offer a unique set of skills and knowledge as volunteers – a lifetime of experience behind them to guide them through helping others.

Volunteering does not just benefit those that are being helped, but also benefits the volunteer in a number of both physical and mental aspects. Volunteering fosters positive social relationships and contributes to a positive self-image in seniors, as well as encouraging physical activity to help keep the volunteer in great physical shape. Participating in social activities has been shown to increase mental health, and in some cases even reduce the risk for Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Additionally, getting seniors out volunteering in the community helps to bridge the generation gap as volunteers and learn from those they are helping, and those seeking help can learn from the seniors as well. This can help our younger generations to change the way they may feel about the older generations, often starting new and unexpected friendships with strong bonds.

Volunteering in Red Deer

Seniors in Red Deer who are interested in volunteering should check out Volunteer Central, which is Central Alberta’s volunteer center – promoting and encouraging volunteer efforts in Red Deer and Central Alberta.

Volunteer Central works to provide Alberta communities to provide volunteers, making a positive impact on the way the communities grow and succeed – building resilience and capacity within Alberta.

Visit http://www.volunteercentral.ca for volunteer opportunities and more information.