Red Deer winters can be very cold. For seniors living in a Red Deer retirement community, it is important to stay active throughout the winter. Here are some great ways to stay active.

Find ways to Socialize
Socializing throughout the winter, especially after the holidays, tends to drastically slow down. One of the most important ways to stay active is to find ways to socialize with others. To achieve this, consider joining a hobby group, and learning to knit, play chess, or discuss a book. Make sure you call your family and friends, and enjoy meals with others. Avoid being isolated. There are many events and activities for the independent living community in Red Deer.

Finding ways to socialize will also contribute to remaining mentally active. Joining the book club will help to keep your brain working hard, and not allowed to slow over the long winter.

Stay Physically Active
For those in the independent living community in Red Deer, it can be difficult to remain physically active. It is important to keep moving. This does not need to be running a marathon, or doing squats, a simple walk around the home or neighborhood each day is enough. This is also a great way to socialize. Find a walking partner. Another way to stay active may be to take a dance or yoga class. Go out and try something new, there are many events in your independent living community.

Be Prepared
One of the most common excuses for not staying active in winter is that it is too cold. The proper outdoor gear can combat this though. Get yourself the proper winter attire, including a warm winter jacket, a hat, scarf, mittens and warm boots with traction. Having this gear ready to go will mean less excuses, and more healthy, invigorating walks.

Do not let the winter cold be the excuse for not staying active. With so many great options, now is the time to find an activity that you will enjoy. Your health and well-being will thank you for it.