It’s possible that if you move into a senior independent-living community, you may have less space than you are used to. So, here are some of our tips for getting the most out of the space you have.

For extra storage, consider vertical space. For example, some added shelves in a closet or a little space-saving unit above a toilet from a big box store can give you quite a bit of extra storage. There is often lots of space underneath a bed where flat storage containers can hide, as well.

Consider decluttering before you move in. Most of us have a ton of things we have collected over the years that we don’t really need and will never use. It can feel very liberating to get rid of old clothes you will not wear or old books that you will not read. Think of decluttering as a positive life choice rather than a negative.

One of the reasons why it is a good thing not to use every inch of space available is do you want to be teetering on ladder to access your belongings? Probably not. However, if you need the space, you may want to try some plastic bins that often nest together and are designed to stack. If you go this route, labelling your containers is a good idea, so you know where everything is.

Another suggestion is to rethink your furniture. For example, a coffee table can store items inside or on a lower shelf or in drawers. Many pieces of furniture can be selected based on their storage capacity.

If you are moving into our independent-living community in Red Deer, talk to us about any storage concerns you have, and we can help.


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