Senior retirement living communities are evolving quickly now that baby boomers are part of the group retiring. Senior living communities used to have primarily a medical focus. Now their focus is on a much more well-rounded experience with comfort, luxury, and varied activities more important than they were before. Seniors want to live well, and senior communities have to live up to those expectations.

An Active Mind and Body

Multiple activities available throughout the month are more important that ever. We want seniors to engage both physically and mentally because they will feel better and live longer. They will have less stress and worry, sleep better, and age better.

Healthy Eating

We now know that you are what you eat, and eating in a healthy fashion contributes to overall wellness. At good senior residences and environments (like ours) professionals spend a lot of time planning meals that not only taste good, but look good, and are chock full of nutrition.


Seniors expect more comfort now. Suites should be well equipped and with all kinds of safety features like grab bars in bathrooms. People expect to have a view of something nice and some green areas to relax and meet with others, COVID-19 aside.

The Community at Large

More and more senior environments are interacting with the greater community. This affords residents with a sense of belonging, and ways to the greater good through good cheer, fundraising, and other interesting activities.

Senior retirement communities are much nicer than they used to be. And if you would like to see one that is state-of-the-art, then visit us in Red Deer, Alberta.

The Hamlets at Deer Park is an independent-living senior village in Red Deer, Alberta. With a warm and caring atmosphere based on tenets of Christianity, generous amenities, and a calendar full of activities, The Hamlets at Deer Park is the go-to independent-living community of central Alberta.

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