Life is a continuous journey. We are never static, always changing and growing and adapting to our surroundings. One constant and unpredictable change that many of us will experience are allergies. Things we were once allergic to can suddenly disappear, or even new allergies can develop much later in life. For the Red Deer seniors community, you may notice these changes with the arrival of Spring.

What Causes Allergies?
While it is not fully understood of why allergies can change with age, an overactive immune system is believed to be the culprit for most allergies. The bodies immune system is designed to protect you from pathogens such as bacteria or viruses. An overactive immune system may go above and beyond this, reacting and targeting allergens such as pollen, foods, or cat hair.

As a result of reacting to these allergens, people experience mucus production, nasal swelling and nose and eye itchiness. This is especially prominent in the springtime, mostly due to the increase in pollen (Especially around the Red Deer Senior Residences).

Why can allergies change with age?
Why allergies change with age is not fully understood. One theory is that changes in bodily hormones can have an affect on the immune system, leading to more or less sensitivity to allergens. This can happen in younger people during growth milestones or puberty, or even to older people during pregnancy or menopause. Other theories involve other factors such as illnesses, or obesity resulting in allergy changes.

Although an exact reason is unknown, what is known is that allergies can change with age. If you have never experience the thrills of springtime allergies before, you may suddenly find yourself swelling, sneezing and wiping your eyes as Spring returns to the Red Deer senior residences.