It may not have been the coldest one, but this past winter sure felt like the longest one! With most of the normal locales closed due to the pandemic—and for their own safety—residents have largely stayed at home this winter. And, not many people like to hang out in the freezing cold for very long, so our time at home largely means time inside. Spring brings more ambient temperatures, and perhaps more than most years, Canadians are ready to spend some time outside. Here are a few spring project ideas to help spark your enthusiasm for the season.

Plant Projects

Gardening can be hard on the body—especially the knees! But raised beds provide the ideal way to enjoy this hobby without the strain. It’s possible to make them, but they can often be found for sale in the local ads, and they are increasingly showing up in big box stores. Where space is an issue, planter boxes can also be utilized. However it’s done, gardening is a rewarding experience—whether the fruits of that labour are beautiful flowers, delicious vegetables—or—actual fruit.

House plants can be just as rewarding as having a garden. They too, notice the warmer days and longer light, and—depending on the types of plants—will respond with new growth, colour changes, and budding flowers. House plants are a sustainable, eco-friendly way to bring a little piece of nature inside with you. Remember, house plants will filter your air and give off oxygen. How great is that!

Bird Business

If you enjoy the sights or sounds of birds, a birdfeeder is an ideal way to invite these charming creatures into your yard or onto your patio. For the creatively inclined, there are a variety of kits for sale out there—or, there are limitless designs to make one from scratch. If you like the quick, buzzy, little birds, hummingbird feeders are typically easier to buy than to build.

Bee Busyness

Let’s not forget these busy little guys in our projects! If there are any underutilized, overgrown, or otherwise uncared-for patches of ground that you know of, sprinkle some native wildflower seeds around. This is a simple little way to show your appreciation for these little pollinators.

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