Christmas is just around the corner and many residents of care homes are excited to add a little Christmas spirit to their residences. Because space tends to be restricted within each person’s dedicated space, we have come up with a list of ways to decorate that don’t take up too much space but can provide the warm holiday cheer that everyone in the community is looking forward to.

– Garlands
Colourful garlands do not take up much space, and can be used as simple accents along a wall or window to create a lovely winter look. Attach garland to walls with thumbtacks to spell out words such as “Joy” for a neat twist on the garland decorations.

– Pine Cones
Pine cones are easy to find and plentiful. Spend some time hunting for them, then decorate them with white paint and glitter for a celebratory twist. These decorated pine cones can be placed around rooms and residences for a subtle Christmassy touch.

– Stockings
Stockings can be hung anywhere where thumbtacks are allowed to be used – even if there is no fireplace.

– Lights
Strings of twinkly lights can be hung around the room with simple tape or thumbtacks. The lights can even be hung in the shape of a Christmas tree or other fun shape.

Spread the holiday cheer in your resident care home this holiday season with these fun Christmas tips. Residents at a senior care center will love the celebratory spirit as we come into the season of giving!