As the time approaches for you or a loved one to move into seniors residence in Red Deer, you may be struggling with deciding if independent living or assisted living is the better option. We will be looking at what the differences and how to choose between these two living communities.

Assisted Living Residences

Assisted living residences are for those who have some level of difficulty with typical daily activities, including but not limited to dressing, bathing, cooking, cleaning etc. Assisted living communities provide an opportunity for residents to live an independent life and choose their own daily activities, but receive daily, regular support with those tasks that are becoming more burdensome and difficult.

Independent Living Residences

Independent living residences are a great choice for seniors looking for a community that has those daily support available, but do not require daily assistance. These communities give options for residents to access meal and cleaning services, but are not regularly provided. Independent living residences give seniors a safe and inclusive place to live, while allowing them to continue with their own independence, receiving help when it is needed on a case-by-case basis.

If you or your loved one is looking for that safe community to live in, but is still able to handle the day to day tasks, then independent living is the better option. Independent living does not include all of the assisted living services as part of the monthly expenses, but they are available when needed.

As those day to day tasks become more difficult (or if they already are), then the switch to an assisted living community would become the better option, as support would be provided each day.