If you’re a senior or you know a senior, you may wonder if seniors benefit from having young people in their lives. The short answer is probably. There has been limited research in this area to date, but we did find a few peer-reviewed studies showing that, yes, seniors do benefit. Furthermore, there is substantial research supporting that young people significantly benefit from being around seniors.

So, if we put seniors and young people together, then they likely both benefit from the encounter. 

What are some ways that seniors might benefit from being around young people and vice versa?

  1. They can teach each other new things.
  2. The wisdom of the senior is a match for the curiosity and enthusiasm of the young person.
  3. Both young and older people can feel a sense of rejuvenation and renewed energy.
  4. It allows both older and younger people feel useful because they benefit the other.
  5. Both groups can feel emotional satisfaction from exercising compassion with another vulnerable group in society.

Researchers at Stanford believe that seniors are exactly who and what young people need for mentoring and teaching them life skills. Seniors can teach young people problem-solving, critical thinking and appropriate emotional interactions. Pairing the youth with seniors would benefit both groups, but it is not routinely done and should be encouraged.

The young may have energy and enthusiasm, but seniors have experience, which is only acquired one way: through living for years and years on earth. What a marvelous idea to pair them together in novel ways when COVID-19 subsides.

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